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"....... the 'ginger kid' played a splendid game . . ."   
Irving E. Sanborn   
Chicago Tribune sportswriter   

Welcome to Buck Weaver's site on the web. Buck was one of the great third basemen of his time, the only man Ty Cobb would not bunt against. Buck was banned from organized baseball in 1921 for his alleged involvement in the fixing of the 1919 World Series. Buck was banned not for participating in the fix, which by his statistics and play in the 1919 Series, points to the exact opposite, that he did not participate in the fix. But was banned for his guilty knowledge about the fix and his failure to tell team officials. An offense not worthy of banishment past life, which Buck received without a hearing before then Commissioner of Baseball Judge Kenesaw Mountain Landis. Buck tried several times throughout his life to clear his name and to be reinstated into baseball, he died never to see that come to pass. It has been over 85 years since he was banned, it is now time Major League Baseball considers the injustice done to this man and to reinstate him into the good graces of the game. Come join us on this site, take the journey through Buck's life with us, read through the site and then make up your own mind........did he participate in the fix???? OR was he railroaded out of baseball for no real reason????   
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