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1917 World Series

1919 World Series


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- Shoeless Joe Jackson's Virtual Hall of Fame Joe Jackson was one of Buck's teammates on the 1919 White Sox team. He, along with Buck and six others were banned from organized baseball for life. Joe and Buck both got raw deals.....neither participated in the throwing of the 1919 World Series, however both were banned for life without a hearing before Judge Landis. On this site you will find facts, pictures, statistics, play by play, merchandise and more...... The Official web site of the Shoeless Joe Jackson Society.

Clear Buck - A very nice web site devoted to clearing Buck Weaver's name from MLB's Ineligible List. They have an on-line registration form where you can show your support for Buck.....please visit them today!!!

1919 Black Sox - A very fine web site devoted to the 8 men, complete with film footage from the 1919 Series, memorabilia, cards and just about anything related to the Black Sox Scandal.

Off White Line

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